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Easy Bouquet Design Tips

Flowers provide a wonderful visual accent to any room, be it in your own home or for a more formal occasion. Sometimes a casual arrangement fits the brief but often knowing some simple techniques for putting together a bouquet can help to elevate the design and overall impact. What Flowers to Buy The first thing […]


How to Make a Flower Crown with Roses

There is something very classic and timeless about wearing flowers in your hair and none more popular than the flower crown or even headband effect. This fragrant creation can be the perfect festival accessory or, of course, a gorgeous addition to a bride or bridesmaid’s outfit. Most flowers are suitable for this purpose, but roses […]


How Flowers are Used in Beauty Products

Flowers have been used in beauty products for centuries. They have many more benefits than just providing an appealing scent. Of course, having a nice-smelling beauty product is what many people want. Flowers and plant extracts in general are healthier than synthetic chemicals, and so many are now trying to find organic beauty products. Organic […]