Best Fertilizers for Roses

Roses are very popular plants to grow in the garden and they produce beautiful flowers that can be used in a multitude of ways. Growing roses requires careful monitoring of the plant to make sure that it is receiving enough water and nutrients, and that it is not diseased in any way. The best way to ensure that the plant is getting all it needs is to use some type of fertilizer that will add the necessary nutrients that the plant needs to grow and produce beautiful flowers. You can add fertilizer that is already premixed into soil or you can buy fertilizer spikes that you push into the soil. These spikes work well as they release fertilizer very slowly. However, fertilizer granules are also useful, and you may find that you prefer that method rather than spikes. It may be more affordable and use the granules compared with the spikes. Also, you may find that you can more easily find rose-specific granular fertilizers than spike-type fertilizers for roses. Roses should be kept well fed if you are to healthy plants that will produce many blooms.

A Balanced Fertilizer

It is important to use a fertilizer with the correct balance of phosphorous (P), potassium (K) and nitrogen (N) present. One popular and good fertilizer that you can buy is called Rosegain. This fertilizer produces controlled-release nitrogen and phosphorous and potassium to give you a good healthy plant that blooms well. HTye claim the plant will be leafy and will produce very good flowers.

Miracle-Gro for Roses is another excellent choice for a rose fertilizer.  Miracle-Gro garden soil contains fertilizer. This soil continuously releases food that can be used for three months. It also contains bone meal which is another very good supplement to have. Miracle-Gro also produces a liquid flower food (Miracle-Gro Liquafeed bloom booster).

Don’t Over Do It

It is important, though, to not over-fertilize because this can actually be more harmful than good, since it impacts the other organisms in the soil which may not be helpful to the roots of the rose. It is therefore important to follow the suggestions of any fertilizer that you buy and not overdo it. Some rose aficionados suggest using alfalfa meal to further supplement and also include a good KNP fertilizer. Alfalfa meal should be given at the first time that the fertilizer is used. This is usually at the beginning of spring. Then also add some alfalfa to the soil at the end of the growth season of the plant. Kelp meal and Epsom salts can be given at times when you are not adding fertilizer. It will add extra nutrients that can serve to really boost the plant’s growth and flower production. Again, it is wise to not overdo it, even with these extra substances. It would be wise to join a gardening club to get more information from people who have grown roses. There are a couple of good fertilizers on the market that are specifically designed for growing roses.