How to Make a Flower Crown with Roses

There is something very classic and timeless about wearing flowers in your hair and none more popular than the flower crown or even headband effect. This fragrant creation can be the perfect festival accessory or, of course, a gorgeous addition to a bride or bridesmaid’s outfit. Most flowers are suitable for this purpose, but roses are particularly suitable for the beginner because they are hardy and generally withstand a fair amount of handling. In addition to their versatility they are readily available often extremely fragrant and will provide numerous options when it comes to color requirements.

Start Simple

So how do you make a flower crown using roses that will be attractive and functional? There is a variety of different techniques, but it is best to start with something simple yet effective, until you have had a little more practice, otherwise what should be a cost-effective home project could turn into an overly expensive nightmare! First of all, decide what color roses you are going to need and make sure you can source these in sufficient quantity for the number of crowns you plan to create. A good place to start is the local grocery store that will often have a great selection of flowers at very reasonable prices. Alternatively, you may be more comfortable working with artificial flowers and there are some really great silk varieties at fabric or hobby stores. This may be a good choice if you require more longevity or if they need to be transported any distance for an event, so give some consideration to which type of flower you will prefer.

The Right Tools

In addition to actual flowers you also require sharp scissors or sheers, florist tape and wire and perhaps some additional greenery that can help to form an attractive backdrop for the roses and also disguises the wire. When you have everything to hand you are ready to begin. First get your wire and make a circle to fit on your head making sure it is not too tight and that it will remain in place without the need for extra fixings. Join the ends of the wire together and cut off any excess. At this point you can manipulate the wire until you are satisfied you have the best shape and size so check a few times before you move on. Next its best to cover the entire crown with the green florist tape especially if you don’t intend using green foliage to disguise the wire. If you are using some greenery, tape this to the wire as you wind it around the crown or in smaller pieces if it doesn’t lend itself to bending. Similarly attach the roses to the crown by winding sufficient tape around the stem, which should be cut roughly three inches in length. As to how many roses you should incorporate and at what intervals, that is a matter of personal choice and really as the process unfolds you will be able to judge what seems most appealing and successful. Once the crown is covered in this way you are done but you could always add some decorative ribbon for that extra bit of style! Ultimately you will have a beautiful head piece for any occasion.