How to Use Roses in Cooking

Many people want to grow roses for their garden because of the beautiful flowers that the plant produces. However, they may not realize that roses are not only very tasty but have numerous health benefits – they contain vitamin C, polyphenols and many antioxidants. Antioxidants are very good for you and are believed to protect your cells from disease.

It is important to note that not all parts of the rose plant can be safely eaten. In fact, it is only the petals of the rose flower and its fruit, the rose hip, which are actually eatable.

The Petals

Rose petals are used in many Indian and Middle Eastern dishes, including the well-known and scrumptious Turkish Delight. Rose petals can be used as part of a dessert, for instance, you can make a rose petal custard, or pudding, or even a rose petal cheesecake. It can also be used to decorate cakes or as a garnish on various different types of meals, such as a salad.

You can make a green pea and rose petal salad in which you combine various types of green vegetables with the famed blossoms. You can choose any vegetables you want, such as different types of lettuce or spinach, and then mix in the split greens and rose petals. You can make a vinaigrette using yoghurt, olive oil and honey. You can literally mix all of the ingredients together, including some rose petals, and then serve with a garnish.

Rose Sugar

You can make a rose flavored sugar to use on your food. First you need to take some rose petals and grind them up. Then add those ground petals to sugar in a ratio of 1:2, layer it into a container, it should be something that will seal well. Once you have added all the rose petals and sugar, close the container and leave it undisturbed for a couple of weeks. Afterwards, take the mixture out and use a sieve to remove the ground up petals. Return the newly flavored sugar to the container. Rose sugar is nice to use in a dessert or cake.


Many people use candied flowers for cake decorations. The way to make candied rose petals is very easy. Remember to use a rose that has not been sprayed with pesticides. Take each petal and paint it with egg yolk. Then sprinkle sugar on both sides. The sugar will stick to the egg yolk. Leave the rose petals overnight on a piece of wax or parchment paper to give them time to dry. You can then use them straight away or freeze them for a later date.

You can make rose hip jam (also known as jelly) which can be used as a tasty spread on bread, scones or crackers. There are so many clever uses for roses in cooking and there are many recipes online that you can find.