Keep Roses Fresh After Cutting Them

Roses are considered the international symbol of love and elegance. They have been everyone’s favorite flowers for hundreds of years and therefore we see all sorts of colors and shapes. They are some truly amazing flowers and they are also used to make multiple perfumes, essences, beauty products and so much more. Receiving a bouquet of roses can really cheer up you day. The problem is that like any other flower, they die after being cut. We all like to keep the bouquets beautiful if possible to enjoy the smell and the beauty of the roses. We have listed some tips that will help you to keep your roses fresh for a longer time after cutting them.

Time of the Cut

   Cutting right from your own garden is one of the most beautiful activities. You can enjoy the result of hard work and display the beautiful flowers. Cutting them to keep them fresh requires some background knowledge. Never cut the roses in the middle of the day because they are dehydrated, and they will dry faster. Cut the roses while the outdoor temperature is still cool, preferably before sun is on the flowers. Water the rose bushes the night before. This way the flowers will be full of water and they will resist longer after being cut.

Use the Right Tools

   Watch out with the pruners. You should take into consideration that roses are very sensitive flowers. Chose some sharp pruners and wipe the blades with some disinfectant solution before cutting the roses. This way you avoid getting bacteria or fungus in the flowers. Cut in a 45-degree angle. This way the roses will be able to soak more water when they are in a vase. After cutting them put them immediately in a vase. This way they will not feel the cutting shock so bad. If you want to keep them super fresh, then you should put them with the vase in the fridge. The next day they will be as fresh as in the moment you cut them.

Prepare the Vase and Water

   Make sure that the vase is very clean. The bacteria is the biggest enemy of the rose. Clean the vase very well and make sure that there is no detergent left. Put some fresh water and display your beautiful flowers. The water should be changed every day because it can be the perfect house for bacteria and fungus. You can also use some substances that are mixed with water and help to feed the cut roses. They can be found at every gardening store and they are not expensive.

Place Them in the Right Spot

   Don’t leave the flowers in heat or light. This will help you preserve the beauty of your roses for a longer period. Heat and sun dry out the flowers. Before putting them in a vase you should cut all the leaves. This way the cut rose will keep all the remaining energy it has to maintain the flowers.