Parks and gardens in Europe are simply magical as here you can see a riot of colors in bloom, many different trees, and incredible kinds of flowers. However, the gardens of roses have always been the highlight of every park, and still today blooms of roses can amaze even those people who has seen all wonders of this world. If you are looking for a spot to run away from everyday rush, noise, problems, and want to give yourself a magical moment of pure appreciation, here are the most impressive rosariums in Europe.

Magical Gardens of Roses
Magical Gardens of Roses


Not so many people know about the hidden gem of the residential Fontvielle district, but the ones who found this little, pretty, and perfumed garden of roses are always amazing. Under the shades of palm olive and palm trees, you can find a garden of more than 300 different kinds of roses, sculptures of white marble, fountains, singing birds, and idyllic peace. This garden was dedicated to the most famous princess of Monaco and the Oscar-winning American actress Grace Kelly. She was known for her stately beauty, and this garden is a great reflection of that!


There are some bad and good news about this garden in Rome. The bad thing is that Roseto Municipale is a well-known garden and it is always surrounded by locals and tourists. The good thing is this garden is just wonderful and worth to be visited anyway. You can find it on the ruin-scattered Aventine Hill near the Circus Maximus. The branches of roses are climbing over paths and sprawl up hillsides ant this is worth seeing as much as other popular spots in Rome. All roses are planted chronologically: from ancient wild and early Roman and Damascene varieties through to new and hybrid varieties. Many events usually are held there, or you can find a seat in one of many little bars and grab a glass of wine or cocktail to enjoy the moment and the smell.


Madrid is a city of simple elegance, so there is no surprise that one of the most exceptional rose gardens worldwide is held here. The 32,000 m2 area full of hundreds of different kinds of roses is drowning in colorful blooms from May until the end of June. This garden is just a part of the huge Oeste Park, and the rose garden was designed by the head gardener of Madrid City Council Ramon Ortiz who collaborated with a few artists, as a result, la Rosaleda is an extremely picturesque place.


Even if Denmark is a Nordic country far in the North, people there know how to create stunning beauty and Danish parks are nothing but amazing. The rose garden here is large and more than 12,000 kinds of these flowers are planted here. All roses are organized by color into circular flowerbeds, as a result, the compositions remind some pictures from the fairytale books. Large open spaces and a playground make this one of few rose gardens agreeable to visit with small children. The best time to visit this garden is from the end of July until the middle of August when the garden reminds the colorful sea of blooms.