Plants to Grow with Roses

When growing any type of flower in your garden it is good to consider some basic things such as the overall look you are hoping to achieve, the type of flowers that will compliment that, budget and amount of time you feel able to commit to the project and to the garden there after. Assuming you have already figured some of that out and are settled on the idea of having roses as a significant feature what might you consider as good companions to these majestic and colorful blooms?

Plants That Compliment Each Other

It’s important to remember that when putting plants together you don’t want them to be in competition with one another either in terms of receiving sufficient nutrients, light or water, or by way of not adding to the overall cohesion of the garden. It’s good to consider what plants will assist your roses to look their best and to thrive in the location. To fulfill this requirement plants will need to enjoy the same growing conditions as your roses which typically like well-drained soil and a position that receives full sun.

Don’t choose plants that are overly aggressive and therefore likely to compete for nutrients and water. In addition, it’s a good idea to choose plants that will allow the beauty of the rose blooms to shine whilst helping to camouflage some of their less attractive features like the stems. Certain plants also do a good job of warding off harmful bugs by means of the natural components in their leaves, roots or flowers, which may then reduce the need for chemical interference. Remember to give your roses sufficient space to encourage the root system, so place any companion plants a suitable distance away.

The Ideal Plants

With these basic principles in mind let’s consider some of the best plants to pair with roses. To help with the control of pests and to add coverage around the stems, lavender is a good choice. The fragrant flowers and tall, slim stalks are attractive and functional keeping rabbits at bay. Catmint and tall growing pinks can also blend well with the roses and their colors make them a good compliment to many varieties.

To ward off diseases like black spot and to keep aphids away, plants from the onion family such as chives are a good choice and contrary to what one might expect are thought to enhance the scent of the roses! Herbs in general make a nice fragrant addition to any garden and along with aromatics in general can make a successful compliment to the roses. Thyme, sage, parsley and oregano all make great ground cover around the rose base and help with pest control not to mention the advantages of having fresh herbs in the garden.

Scented geraniums are something to consider too as are marigolds for their color and repellent qualities. Phlox and lilies are good choices if you’re looking for perennials and maybe include pansies if you’re considering annuals. Whatever your choice be sure to choose plants that compliment and not overshadow the roses that, once established, you will want to maintain as the stars of the show!