The Many Varieties of Roses

Roses are plants that produce stunning flowers and they are loved by men and women. Many people think of the simple red rose, but little do they know that there are so many other types of roses that you can enjoy. Each has their own look, scent and unique features that makes them special. No two roses are the same and that is what makes them so beautiful and why so many people want them in their gardens.

The Top Varieties

Floribunda roses produce bunches of flowers. What is also great is that this flower produces several flowers. They are small with denser foliage than traditional hybrid roses. They have double flowers, which are flowers that have several different petals. You can find several different colors as well, so they are ideal for all color preferences.

Another very popular variety of roses is the Hybrid tea roses. These usually have double flowers and are thus very attractive and appealing to many people. They produce one bud per stem and the stems are long, they also come in a variety of different colors. The hybrid roses were created by crossing two types of plants. They are both very hardy and produce a profusion of flowers. Horticulturists worked to produce an attractive and popular type of rose plant.

The Grandiflora rose is a plant that grows tall, sometimes over 2 m. It is quite bushy and resistant to disease. This hardy plant produces flowers in a range of colors as well. Such colors include for example; ivory, pink, white-edged red, and yellow. This rose was created by crossing Floribunda and Hybrid tea roses.

On the opposite spectrum of size, we have miniature roses. These are much smaller than the Grandiflora rose. The miniature roses range in size from about 25 to 35 cm. Some popular colors include yellow or white, and even a pale-yellow green.

Older Varieties


Polyantha roses are an old variety of roses that was developed in the 1800s. They are one of the parent strains of the Floribunda roses. They produce small attractive flowers. The most popular of this variety is the soft light pink color. The Polyantha are one of the first flowers that were developed from the original wild type roses.

Climbing roses are another great type of rose to have for your garden. Today these types of roses will produce flowers more than once during a growing season, unlike in the past when there was only one blooming period. The flowers are often quite large and everblooming, that means they bloom repeatedly throughout the growing season. You can find climbing roses that have yellow, crimson, white or pink flowers.

Shrub roses are another good choice for the garden. As the name implies, these roses are very dense shrubby plants that can even be used as a hedge. They can grow up to 1.5 m and are tough plants that will do well in colder areas. There is a wide selection of flower colors available, including for instance: apricot, white, pink, and even purple.

There are several different types of roses for you to choose from when looking to buy roses for your garden. The varieties that we have discussed here are the most popular types of rose plants for the garden today.