Top Blogs to Read to Improve Your Gardening

If you are looking to improve your skills in the garden, you no doubt have spent hours googling various blogs looking for the best tips. While this can prove helpful it can also be time consuming and tiresome. The good news is you are no longer going to waste your precious time searching for blogs all over the internet. This article is going to point you in the direction of some of the best modern blogs on the subject. So, get ready to make your dream green space. The variety of blogs about gardening is vast! Some offer tips and tricks to help your plants thrive, others focus on inspiration and yet others may center on decoration. To save you some time and the inconvenience of dredging through them all, we have sifted out the best ones for whether you would love to get into gardening or are already working on one.

Garden Collage – The Magazine for the Life That We Love

Garden Collage Magazine gives rare insight you may never find on other blogs. This site is well-known for its modern approach to all things in nature. It encourages the need for a connection between nature and modern life making gardening a more common hobby in everyday life. Apart from a plethora of information on the matter, the site covers subjects such as traveling adventures, cool events, the alchemy of herbal healing, and seasonal food. This is a magazine that even the most novice of gardeners will enjoy.

Urban Garden Republic – The Community Blog with a Big Vision

You can tell by the layout and design of this website that it is more than just a gardening company, but rather a real community of people who love what they do. If you want a blog that brings together people of similar interests, Urban Garden Republic is your best shot. It is a base of experts whose desire it is to move you to create an urban space that suits your wants and also makes this world a little greener. Its vision is to turn all unused land into beautiful landscapes and its mission is to grow 1,000 such spaces in a hundred major cities across the globe. With air pollution ruining our environment, this site is out to save it by providing you with DIY tips for your space as well as fighting against harmful chemicals and pollutants in our atmosphere.

Urban Organic Gardener – The Urban Gardening News Feed

The Urban Organic Gardener website compiles news on modern techniques and, really, has all it takes to keep you well informed on the latest tools for your garden. You can learn about planting in apartments and office buildings as well as several other methods that can get you started on your dream garden. They will send you information on how to transform a bare space into one of the most beautiful places in the world. As a community, UOG assists people in growing organic gardens in popular cities over the world. These tips are shared so that you can apply the best practices where you live.