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10 Amazing Quotes About Roses – With Explanation


What’s the one thing that transcends culture, language, religion, caste, and creed? – Love. And if there is only one thing left on the planet that can symbolize love – it’s undoubtedly going to be roses.

From the Shakesperien age to the very moment you are reading this article, there is only one charming flower that holds the superpower of expressing the feelings of one lover who might not have the courage to finish their half-said sentence to their beloved.

As you scroll through the end of this post containing some amazing quotes about roses, Let’s set aside all concerns and immerse ourselves in a realm of ‘rose-world’ where ‘all is well.’

Quotes about Roses and their Explanation

Shakespeare on Roses

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


The unforgettable line which has been adopted from one of the greatest romantic plays of all time – ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was said by Juliet. It’s the following line of another world-famous quote of Shakespeare – ‘What’s in a name?’.

Through this line, Shakespeare wanted to convey the fact that it’s not the name that creates an impact of anything on our mind but the thing itself creates an impact on our mind. Shakespeare questions the futility of labelling and naming. We should not get blinded about a certain thing just by its name.

The fragrance of the flower that has been named ‘rose’, is quite attractive. We, the humans have named the flower that. Had it been named something else, the fragrance of that flower remained the same.

Quote about the power of a rose

“A rose can say more than the language of man”

This popular anonymous quote about the power of the rose questions the power of our languages as Roses, nature’s eloquence surpasses the tongue’s articulation.

“Love knows no boundary” – but things do not go in this way due to lots of barriers – language barrier is one of them. Roses have the power to abolish this barrier.

Roses are considered the symbol of beauty and love. They have the captivating power of conveying the deep emotions of humans without even using our human language. People all across the world understand what a rose can “mean” – even though they have no clue of someone’s language.

Emma Goldman on Roses:

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.

Emma Goldman

The writer puts the beauty of nature over materialism. She does not prioritize having jewellery that just decorates the body, but rather prioritizes the things that nourish the soul – and what could be better than a rose in this context?

Unique quotes about roses

Thorns shield the rose, yet also hinder those who seek its nectar.


The thorns of the rose are there to protect the rose from people who try to observe nature’s one of the finest creations closely. But everything comes at a cost. The thorns prevent the people who try to genuinely admire the roses.

Other flowers envy the rose, for only the rose has inspired such pursuit of its affection.


Other blooms yearn for the rose’s fame, its love-fueled poems and passionate admirers, feeling eclipsed by its romantic allure.

A rose unfolds, whispering secrets the sun has kissed into its petals.


A rose bud gently opens to bloom, unveiling insights passed from the sun’s rays into its petals, as though the flower is revealing beautiful secrets illuminated by the light.

Do not compare yourself to the rose, for each bloom has its own unique fragrance to offer.


You, at your place, are unique. Do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to any other object or human. It will either fill you with pride or depression – both are bad in their own way.

Love quotes about roses

Love is like a rose, both delicate and fierce, demanding care yet rewarding with breathtaking beauty.

This quote is filled with amazing imagery. On one hand, the rose is an ultimate beauty, on the other hand, the rose has ferocious and heartening thrones. Like, there are two sides of the coin named love. Love could be challenging, but the end is satisfying.

Love planted a rose, and the world turned sweet.

Katharine Lee Bates

It takes only a rose to turn this world – the furious world that is constantly involved in war and crimes, to become a better place to live.

A rose without thorns is like love without heartbreak; it doesn’t exist.

This quote suggests that just as a rose without thorns lacks the essence of its true nature, love without heartbreak is incomplete. The thorns are what make the roses unique and enhance their value.

The presence of challenges, which here is symbolized by thorns. It defines the depth and authenticity of love. And probably that’s what makes the rose the symbol of love.

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